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maximize your profits in financial markets with artificial intelligence. Never lose a trade again

Despite the volatility, FX Pattern Pro’s Unique algorithm tools Help you trade these unpredictable and constantly changing trading markets like a charm.

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What Is FX Pattern Pro, And How Does It Helps Me?

AI has gone from a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives. FX Pattern Pro has a wide range of trading tools made using the concept of artificial intelligence.This softwares help you improve your trading skills and manage your portfolios efficiently by minimizing the losses. Our softwares spot the opportunities without much effort and hard work.

We made them in such a way that they could even survive the massive financial crisis.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

If you're a serious trader, These will be your favorite tools. These tools are the ones I use every single day to analyze the financial markets.
Technical Analysis is something that keeps me stuck. FX Pattern Pro makes the analysis part so easy when compared with other softwares. Loved It!
Krishna Teja
Jr Analyst
I seriously can't recommend this software enough. I can do so much more, much faster than ever before because I'm cutting a lot of leg work in the analysis part.

Why Should I use Algorithmic Trading? When I Can Trade Manually.

Institutional investors and prominent brokerage corporations primarily employ algorithmic trading to cut down on charges associated with trading. It’s not only about reducing trading costs but also has many more benefits. Algorithmic trading, when combined with artificial intelligence, does wonders; The world has moved over to AI and experiencing a lot of amazing things. It’s now time to use Algorithmic trading and Artificial Intelligence in your trading career to increase your profits.

Join FX Pattern Pro with your favorite trading tools and Integrations.

With our ever-growing catalog of integrations, you can do even more with your trading. Use our tools with brokers you like without the need for changing platforms.

Increase at-least 30-40% of your profits with trading financial markets

Automated trading should be your #1 source of profit maximizer in your trading career, and we aim to help you achieve that goal. FX Pattern Pro equips you with the support (available 24/7 with a 2Hrs avg. response time) and essential tools to help you make more money with trading.

Trusted By More Than 5,000 Customers all Around The World.

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. We constantly strive to improve and serve better to our customers. We support our customers in every part of their journey with us.

More than 20 unique features that make your task easier

It has more than 20 features that help you make decisions faster. Enters and exits trade in less than a second, Reduces transaction costs by 30%.
It is equipped with a detailed dashboard panel to show you all the crucial stats.

A glance at our product

Effortless Installation

It takes only three steps to set it up and running with an interactive UI.

Minimizes Screen Time

No, you don't need to watch the screen 24/7; our software does it for you without wasting your day spotting the trends.


The user doesn't necessarily need programming knowledge or any other technical stuff to utilize the product.

Exceptional Risk Management

A trading system without proper risk management is incomplete. Our software has the best risk managing techniques possible.


Not satisfied with the algorithm? No worries, We have provided numerous customization options in the inputs tab. Feel free to change them as per your strategy.

Easier Backtests

Our software is capable of Backtesting multiple charts and time frames without consuming much time.

Get friendly support really quick, Like a swift!

Get generous assistance, round the clock, 365 days. We are always delightedto help!

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