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The World's Most anticipated automated
trading software suite is finally here!

Produced more than 40% returns constantly & Consistently,
with cloud compatible features Included

From the top A.I & M.L Developers🤯

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Compatible with : MetaTrader 4

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Product Features

Effortless Installation

It takes only three steps to set it up and running with a interactive UI

Minimizes Screen Time

No need of watching the screen 24/7, Our software with the power of A.I does it for you without wasting your day on spotting the trends.

High Profitability

Our software is coded in such a way, That it generates high amount of profits despite of currency pairs or time frames.

Unique Algorithm

Unique algorithm to spot the opportunities like a charm.

Easier Backtests

Our software, is capable of Backtesting multiple charts and time frames without consuming a lot of time.

Able to Trade 24/7

Unlike humans, softwares don’t get tired and can trade the markets and spot good opportunities 24/7 when used on a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Ultra Fast Load Time

Loads fast even when used on multiple charts while minimizing the use computing power.

Clean Coded

Clean coded with minimum dependencies. Light weight code, Works smoothly on minimal computers.

Scalping Free

Unlike the Expert Advisors in the market. Our softwares don’t use scalping methods and strategies.

Spots Trends in the Beginning

The software’s strategy tries to identify when a market is gaining enough momentum to form a new trend, and as a result, you’ll find yourself catching most, if not all major trends.

No Technical Glitches

The software is coded very carefully in such a way to remove glitches from the code and stops the damages that may occur due to technical errors. Frequent updates ensure there’s no such problems present.

Survives Financial Crises

Trend Following survives the crisis very well by determining the trend that market is going through and saves your account from a blast.


The user doesn't necessarily need programming knowledge or any other technical stuff to utilize the product.


Not satisfied with the algorithm? No worries, We have provided numerous customization option in the inputs tab. Feel free to change them as per your strategy

Intelligent Risk Management

No one can predict what’s going to happen in the forex market. Any trading tool that generates profitable trades without proper risk management system is incomplete. Our Expert Advisor is equipped with the best risk managing techniques.

Expertise Inessential

With our software, people who are just beginning their forex trading will be able to trade easily without any expertise since the expert advisor will advise them and act on their behalf.

In-Depth Analysis

Analyzes and makes decisions using statistics, charts, and historical data very precisely.

Minimal TP & Sl Ratios

Like other EA’s our software don’t use extreme TP& SL ratios instead use 1 : 2 ratio.

Sticks to one instrument

Sticks to only one instrument but does the work remarkably with the help of a unique algorithm that’s embedded into it.

Accurate Trade Entries & Exits

Enters and exits trades immediately right after spotting the trend to avoid missing opportunities.

Lower Transaction Costs

Transactional costs won’t be an issue at all. This is a huge advantage compared to many other trading forms, where transactional costs may even make some strategies untradable!

Rides Massive Trends

The software rides massive trends, Which creates the opportunity of entering and exiting trades while they are still profitable.

Organized Control Panel

Our software’s, well organized on-chart control panel shows you all the important stats of the trading account.









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