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Hey! We're FX Pattern Pro,

In the past two years, more than 10K men and women have used our strategies and trading advice in over 24 countries… 

We’re going to share a brand new strategy that’s inevitable and used by bankers and professional traders at Goldman Sachs and many other top banks and portfolio management firms. 

This system is something called “The Bankers Secret Code”… 

The "Bankers secret code" allows you to begin making profits all day long, Starting pretty much immediately. 

It’s a breakthrough that We’re pretty confident you’ve never heard of before, Because it’s so new…it still hasn’t reached the mainstream.

Yet many experts are already starting to refer to this as the future of trading with minimized risk. 

And while We’ll be the first to admit that sounds pretty “hype.” There’s much truth to what these experts are saying.

That’s because, unlike softwares, Strategies, and Indicators, the world is constantly trying to push on you… 

This discovery doesn’t just make trades profitable. Instead, it minimizes the risk thoughtfully… 

That means once this system gets triggered… 

You can start making profits and stop, losses due to your own mistakes, all at the same time… 

Which doesn’t just accelerate your time frame for reaching your goals… It also gives your account a surging flood of good trades…

And lets you power through each day with more mental focus, fewer emotions, and more willpower to get things done. 

Hmm...Even better…?

Because it’s so easy to use this system, Once you activate the strategy’s “Banker Trading” capabilities… 

You can keep it going for as long as you want.

Staying focused on your work. So that, not only are you able to ditch the screen time and cluttered charts,

But you will be able to spot the opportunities seamlessly in the long run…

For us, It’s never been easy at the start. “Nothing great ever came that easy”.

In the beginning, we have tested and researched many strategies and theories; to be honest, some of them worked, some of them didn’t. 

At that time, we were baffled and curious how the international banks and financial centers trade markets very successfully withholding a vast market share….

Despite the volatility and uncertainty.

Fine, But how do bankers trade financial markets? Is there something that separates them from the rest?

Banks conduct many currency trading on behalf of their customers involved in international business and trade operations. They also serve as market makers in forex trading and trade heavily in their accounts. 

Being an individual Trader or a small company, When it comes to becoming successful like the bankers do; the answer has more to do with what we don’t know than what we know.

So, We just wanted to know those insider secrets in any way at any cost. 

That’s when we met one of our mentors; all thanks to him. After working in many investment banks for more than 20years, many of which were as a Chief Trader, The insights and knowledge he shared with us are enlightening. 

No matter how many years you have been trading or doing any work, a guru for motivation and inspiration is always required. Even if you’re skilled in a particular job, The guru enhances your skills every time and gives you the edge. 

First, let me bust the first myth about Forex traders in the organizations; they don’t sit there all day banging away making proprietary trading decisions. Most of the time, they are simply transacting on behalf of the bank’s customers. It’s commonly referred to as ‘clearing the flow”. They may perform a few thousand trades a day, but none are for their proprietary book. 

So as you can see, traders at the banks don’t sit there all day trading randomly ‘scalping’ trying to make their budgets. They are highly systematic in their approach and make trading decisions when everything lines up, technically and fundamentally. That’s what you need to know!

As far as technical analysis goes, it is straightforward. But, most people make it look intricate and complex. 

They are often littered with mathematical indicators which not only have significant 3-4 hour time lags but also often contradict each other. Trading with these indicators and this approach is the quickest way to rip through your trading capital.

Unlike a complete mess, Bank trader’s charts look very simple. All they want to know is where the key critical levels are. Don’t forget these indicators and tools were developed to try and predict where the market is going.

What it all comes down to is simple support and resistance. No clutter, nothing to alter their trading decisions. Simple, effective and highlighting the key levels.

I know your trading chart looks like some esoteric abstract art. We empathize with you, We used to be on the same page as you’re now.

But, When we are having a conversation with our mentors, We have stumbled upon a strategy , that’s related to external economic factors, and that makes more money with a simple technical analysis.

Along with a shockingly simple way to maximize the profits potential and minimize the risk.

Now to be truly successful with this strategy, you need an extremely comprehensive capital management system that not only protects you during periods of uncertainty but also pushes you forward to experience capital expansion.

Expert Advisors, unlike manual trading, don’t improve with time and your experience.

Just Right!

The Forex market offers many softwares to make trading simpler and to work on its outcomes. Expert Advisors are one of the most well known softwares of this sort

They work at their peak of performance with execution perfection immediately after it’s coded with a right strategy! Expert Advisors, after all, are a combination of algorithms, and an A.T.S is a software. Just as with any other software, it’s most helpful when coded without glitches and perfectly backtested and that’s when you need to reap it’s benefits.

But practically none of the softwares from the MQL developers—or any other great, Trading software selling companies—ever makes profit in our accounts. Many systems stop delivering the results

eventually. This happens most of the time because of the routine scalping strategy with the extreme ratio of Take-Profit and Stop-Loss being 1 : 10 or even higher.

Trust me, It’s really easy to construct an Expert Advisor with 100% profitability.😏

But how? The idea is somehow simple, Get your notes, I’m gonna reveal a secret to you.First start off by building a scalping strategy, Set Take-Profit and Stop-Loss ratio to extreme levels and the system should not close the trades in the draw down. Amazing right?

I beg your Pardon !! I’m just having a laugh.

Sadly, This happens every time and most of the systems work on the same concept.

Huge stop loss and tiny take profit 1 : 10 or even more. Considering the high volatility of currency pairs it is not a big surprise that these softwares can often have a win rate of more than 90%.

This implies that one stop loss ruins all the profits that you made in the last 10 trades. It all takes only 2 stop losses to make the account blowed up and the recuperation, is now a long cycle thereafter it gets even more horrifying.

Anyway, The companies selling these softwares are quite innovative when it comes to exhibiting enormous results to their customers and prospects.

What they do is opening a few tiny accounts, and trading them with a very higher risk.

A few times they luck out and one account produces higher returns. The other ones which were completely blowed out, Aah!, You will never see them again. The account which is going to make through it, will be displayed on their website.

Have you asked yourself, Why the live accounts which are displayed on the website have only a few hundred dollars or euros? Now you came to know the cause.

Hey, Don’t get me wrong !!

There are many legitimate trading systems out there but also many ways to trick people or lie about the results. Many sellers make their software look good when, in reality, they can ruin your trading in days or hours.

Even if software shows good results and the seller explains that his method is an “abracadabra” Most of the EA’s follow a  strategy that increases position size – this is done to survive the back test.

Since the equity goes up, the backtest may look good to many beginners and even professional traders, who are just starting to use expert advisors and other tools.

You don’t see any big drawdowns, except for one of 31%. I have seen many trading softwares but In one of them that is out in the market, We found the same increase position size strategy. The backtest results and the graph is quite compelling.

But when we backtested the same system without using increasing position method, We found that it has shown a very high draw down around 80%– this means that most of the accounts would become empty . The draw down shows that this strategy wouldn’t work in live trading.

We also observed that in these backtests, one trade takes place every 5-6 weeks on average. We also noticed that trades start at 0.5 lots and continue with 8 lots. After a small win, There will be enormous lot size increases to 40, and then to even the bigger ones – 300, 700, even 1,000. Imagine how big your trading account would have to be to execute such positions.


The equity curve may look amazing in the backtest but, overall, the strategy is nonsense.When we see some of these backtest screenshots, The point where it seems really funny is some trades are held for months and years, who would hold a trade for years? Neither a sensible person nor a good strategy does these stupid things, other than a duck that lays golden eggs.

So, Don’t Expert Advisors & Other Trading tools work?

Yes, they work very well, unless you  hope for software to make billions in your sleep.

Trading systems and EA’s are also tools like any other tool like hammer, shovel and screwdriver. They work only when you make it work and gives results when you make right use of them.

It’s an Expert Advisor and not Expert Decision maker. An algorithm can find good opportunities but can’t outsmart a human’s intelligence, at least in the unpredictable trading market. The trading market is not predictable with science – trading is a game of odds and not certainties.

I apologize for cracking the delusional bubble of your beliefs.

There are no set and forget Expert Advisors that makes millions right after you attached to a chart, Expert Advisors should be monitored and altered continuously. Otherwise you’ll be ending up with nothing but huge loss.

But, That’s reality and not what the companies show you in the screenshots.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, No lock is made without a key

Long story short, that’s how we founded FX Pattern Pro . We realized that if We were willing to break with the tradition of fake promises, Scalping strategies, Unrealistic backtests and instead give people a clear understanding about forex softwares and what should be expected and what not to be expected from an algorithm, We could be the first to bring fluff free strategies and softwares to the individual traders here in the forex market all year round!

We test several algorithms, strategies and source codes to sample hundreds of Expert advisors and indicators right at the peak of their demand in the forex market.

Our trusted sources in these MQl developers communities which established over our years of networking with them— include hundreds of the finest developers and development companies whose ideas and strategies are a masterpiece.

These softwares are normally made on demand in small and exclusive batches and are reserved for high end clients, professional traders, portfolio management companies and several other financial firms for helping in their technical analysis and to manage their huge accounts with minimized risk. Many of the softwares are excellent performers and are updated frequently according to the market conditions. They are virtually never published in the forex markets and kept private.

$500 million case study. Do you Know?

Jesse Livermore,The pioneer of daytrading, made $100 million in 1929.He was one of the richest people in the world at that time. Could you imagine what $100 million worth in 1920?

Ed Seykota, One of the best traders of the forex market, achieved a return of 250,000%, over a 16 year period. Yeah, That’s absolutely two hundred and fifty thousand percent return. That’s really unbelievable but that’s true with proofs.

Richard F. Dennis, a commodities speculator called as the “prince of the pit”made $350 million in the span of 6 years, In the early 1970’s by borrowing $1600.

But again, The question arises, How did they manage to make millions? What's the strategy behind those trades? The Answer:

They managed to trade successfully with a certain trading approach and want to know what the approach is?

Trend following ! , Yes, Trend following is nothing new and uncertain it has been used in the forex, commodities, stock markets over 200 years and still produces impeccable results.

Trend following is one of the most statistically significant strategies in the financial markets.

You’re probably pondering now: Why does the Trend Following strategy work in these unpredictable markets? The reason is not complicated as you think . Markets are driven by emotions, greed, and fear.

When either side is in control, there will be a trend, and Trend Followers can reap advantages of this occurrence.

I absolutely believe that price movement patterns are being repeated. They are recurring patterns that appear over and over, with slight variations. This is because markets are driven by humans, and human nature never changes. – Jesse Livermore

We are proud to say that our members, who are the most discriminating forex, stock, commodities traders and algo trading application developers and who fully appreciate developing good strategies and the finest expert advisors in the world . Indeed, Our community consists of many individual traders, professional traders and lead developers, as well as firm owners, portfolio management companies from every walk of life who insist on enjoying—and serving their clients —the most amazing and regularly updated strategies and softwares which helps them in managing their high capital accounts by minimizing the risk.

After discussing with all of the members we became fascinated about trend following strategy. From the last five years we have been researching about trend following, namely the advantages and disadvantages of the Trend Following strategy. After knowing more about the strategy we have even connected more with it. But, every strategy has it’s advantages as well as disadvantages. When used Trend Following with higher time frames the forecasts are really amazing, with over 80% win rate.


As we said earlier, Every strategy has its very own downsides

Trend Following also has it’s own downsides like False Breakouts and Low Hit Rates. Keeping these points in mind and the five year’s research and testing experience on the Trend Following strategy, We’ve altered and come up with an amazing trading system which uses Trend Following.

What? Wait !, Amazing? We don’t even hesitate to say it’s one of the astonishing trading software ever made with accurate precision and outstanding strategy.

Our respected developers demanding reputation precedes us. The lead developers of our community vie with one another to bring us couple of their amazing strategies and algorithms to make us jump with joy. From these, We choose the strategies which perform incredibly and seems sensible with the research and testing.

We don’t try to market some random strategies unless they are fully researched and backed by the testing reports, Which takes a lot of time and effort. The effort we put in the research is something that divides us from the rest and that’s what FX Pattern Pro is all about.

The result is that, as a FX Pattern Pro’s member, you get to enjoy what only a tiny handful of huge financial companies and the top traders ever get to experience—ultra precise strategies and algorithms with best risk management techniques, rushed to you every time straight when the latest updates are available.

Until you overcome the key flaw of all these trading tool companies, that won’t change. But the real miracle, the real innovation, isn’t the financial one. It’s the underlying technology.

This is the software that’s going to give us the brand new perspective on trading the markets with the advanced technology that’s behind this software.

And it’s going to do so much more than blowing out your money or the accounts.

As you’ll see , this new system will give us new ways to escape the swamp of fake promises, cut out intermediaries and radically lower costs for trading. It’s going to help us in growing the capital, give power to legions of new and experienced traders by giving that edge and seamlessly expand wealth creation.

And all of this, with transparency and true identities at its core. In short, this was the trading software as it always should have been.

Introducing the all new trading software of the year, FX Pattern Pro’s - Trend EA

Trend EA is an expert advisor that helps you find trends in the financial markets and makes technical analysis lot more easier. This intelligent expert advisor uses trend following strategy to find rock solid trends .

Short And Crisp Details About The Product

Can Be Used with




Our softwares are already been used by thousands of people all over the world And right now… We want to give you the chance to write your OWN success story… By giving you access to our brand new software, and at the biggest savings we’ve ever offered. Here’s how it works…

What Is this all about?, And How Does It Helps Me?

AI has gone from a science-fiction dream to a critical part of our everyday lives. FX Pattern Pro has a wide range of trading tools made using the concept of artificial intelligence.This softwares help you improve your trading skills and manage your portfolios efficiently by minimizing the losses.

Why Should I use Algorithmic Trading?

Institutional investors and prominent brokerage corporations primarily employ algorithmic trading to cut down on charges associated with trading. It’s not only about reducing trading costs but also has many more benefits. Algorithmic trading, when combined with artificial intelligence, does wonders;

Join FX Pattern Pro with your favorite trading tools and Integrations.

With our ever-growing catalog of integrations, you can do even more with your trading. Use our tools with brokers you like without the need for changing platforms.

Trusted By More Than 5,000 Customers all Around The World.

Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. We constantly strive to improve and serve better to our customers. We support our customers in every part of their journey with us.

Increase at-least 30-40% of your profits with trading financial markets

EA’s should be your #1 source of profit maximizer in your trading career, and we aim to help you achieve that goal. FX Pattern Pro equips you with the support (available 24/7 with a 2Hrs avg. response time) and essential tools to help you make more money with trading.

Much more than just an expert advisor, A sneak peek
into our product screenshot & features

Effortless Installation

It takes only three steps to set it up and running with a interactive UI

Minimizes Screen Time

No need of watching the screen 24/7, Our software with the power of A.I does it for you without wasting your day on spotting the trends.

High Profitability

Our software is coded in such a way, That it generates high amount of profits despite of currency pairs or time frames.

Unique Algorithm

Unique algorithm to spot the opportunities like a charm.

Easier Backtests

Our software, is capable of Backtesting multiple charts and time frames without consuming a lot of time.

VPS Compatible

Our Softwares are VPS compatible. Can find trends round the clock

Ultra Fast Load Time

Loads fast even when used on multiple charts while minimizing the use computing power.

Clean Coded

Clean coded with minimum dependencies. Light weight code, Works smoothly on minimal computers.

Scalping Free

Unlike the Expert Advisors in the market. Our softwares don’t use scalping methods and strategies.

Spots Trends in the Beginning

The software’s strategy tries to identify when a market is gaining enough momentum to form a new trend, and as a result, you’ll find yourself catching most, if not all major trends.

No Technical Glitches

The software is coded very carefully in such a way to remove glitches from the code and stops the damages that may occur due to technical errors. Frequent updates ensure there’s no such problems present.

Survives Financial Crises

Trend Following survives the crisis very well by determining the trend that market is going through and saves your account from a blast.


The user doesn't necessarily need programming knowledge or any other technical stuff to utilize the product.


Not satisfied with the algorithm? No worries, We have provided numerous customization option in the inputs tab. Feel free to change them as per your strategy

Intelligent Risk Management

No one can predict what’s going to happen in the forex market. Any trading tool that generates profitable trades without proper risk management system is incomplete. Our Expert Advisor is equipped with the best risk managing techniques.

Expertise Inessential

With our software, people who are just beginning their Forex trading will be able to trade easily without any expertise since the expert advisor will advise them shows the market trends

In-Depth Analysis

Analyzes using statistics, charts, and historical data very precisely and finds good trends and oppurtunities.

Minimal TP & Sl Ratios

Like other EA’s our software don’t use extreme TP& SL ratios instead use 1 : 2 ratio.

Sticks to one instrument

Sticks to only one instrument but does the work remarkably with the help of a unique algorithm that’s embedded into it.

Accurate Trade Entries & Exits

Enters and exits trades immediately right after spotting the trend to avoid missing opportunities.

Lower Transaction Costs

Transactional costs won’t be an issue at all. This is a huge advantage compared to many other trading forms, where transactional costs may even make some strategies untradable!

Rides Massive Trends

The software rides massive trends, Which creates the opportunity for the trader of entering and exiting trades while they are still profitable.

Organized Control Panel

Our software’s, well organized on-chart control panel shows you all the important stats of the trading account.

See what our customers have to say!!

If you're a serious trader, These will be your favorite tools. These tools are the ones I use every single day to analyze the financial markets.
Technical Analysis is something that keeps me stuck. FX Pattern Pro makes the analysis part so easy when compared with other softwares. Loved It!
Krishna Teja
Jr Analyst
I seriously can't recommend this software enough. I can do so much more, much faster than ever before because I'm cutting a lot of leg work in the analysis part.

First of all…

FX Pattern Pro’s – Trend EA  is only available on this website, and only while we have the software copies ready and accessible…

Which is why, if you’re here right now and we do have even one single copy available…

It’s vital you take action immediately and that you don’t put this decision off. This is especially true because the system is really different from anything you’ve ever seen, tried or heard before…

Not only the software works amazingly by using Trend following,

Which is one of the only strategy ever that’s scientifically proven to survive financial crisis and even a major volatility.

And when you consider just how powerful and scientifically backed these strategies are, Plus how expensive and hard it is to develop a software of such kind…You can probably understand why FX Pattern Pro’s board of directors is constantly telling us that we need to set the price of Trend EA to at least $300 per copy I always push back and tell them “DEFINITELY NOT”

But I don’t think they’re being totally unreasonable either… Especially, when considering the fact that most of the Expert Advisors and Indicators and other trading courses cost you what, $1200 per year at least? And going on some super fancy trading signals and suggestions probably costs you an extra $250 or more each year…While pro traders spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually just to develop a strategy and become profitable consistently in these financial markets. And don’t get me wrong…

A personally tailored strategy is AWESOME for everyone – I 100% think one should develop a customized strategy according to their needs. And if you’re a rich trader… Then sure, go ahead and hire an army of technical analysts and developers to help you reap profits. So it’s not like those other options aren’t good – they’re great actually…

It’s just that none of them are as simple…Or even as scientifically-supported… As using the strategy that’s integrated with Trend EA.

Our product is not just a martingale theory or based on some bull s**t averaging down strategy and not even a controversial science. It’s pretty much universally accepted and has been in usage from the past 200 years and generated profits consistently over a long period of time. Studies have proved this to be true time-and-time again…

So while I really do think $259 per copy for Trend EA would be completely reasonable…

The Goal of helping 5 million people

This isn’t about making money…It’s about helping 5 Million People reach their trading goals in the next 5 years.That’s our obsession… And we realize that the more affordable we can make … The more likely it is that we’ll reach this goal.

That’s why right now…When you say “YES” to Trend EA and commit to making a true transformation to your trading career , You won’t need to spend $249 per copy…or even $199 per copy…

Join us and start algorithmic trading
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We have created an even deeper discount program as part of our special campaign…Where, for a limited time only…You can now grab FX Pattern Pro’s – Trend EA for only $129 one-time-fee.

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FX Pattern Pro's - Trend EAbuy-it-now

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After purchasing the product, you will get access to it with a unlimited license. You can access the product from anywhere in the world.

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FX Pattern Pro's - Trend EAbuy-it-now

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Got some Questions? We got answers!

You just need MetaTrader 4, The most popular trading software that works with almost every broker.

It’s an expert advisor for MetaTrader4

No, You can’t use the software on multiple accounts. The price is for one license which can be used on only one account.

Absolutely Yes, You can contact the support team if you have any installation related queries or problems through email. Our support team will fix the issues within minutes.

You can use the software for trading Cryptocurrencies, Forex, Stocks with MetaTrader 4

After your purchase, You can access our membership portal, from where you can download the product instantly from anywhere in the world. You just need a device connected to the internet.

You can signup to a brokerage with minimum of $100 but most traders prefer a initial deposit of $250.