Have you noticed sudden & Unexpected hitting of your SL and TP?

An intelligent solution to protect retail traders from shady brokers and their fraudulent activities. No more Scrutiny! ⚠️

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How It Works?

Load Scrutiny Disabler

Install scrutiny disabler on your MT4 account

Set the parameters

Set you desired TP & SL. Tweak the parameters as per your need.

Turn on the software

Attach the software to your chart and turn it on. The rest will be taken care of.

Most of the time you'll find different prices on different platforms while trading on financial markets, Have you asked your self why?

Since there’s no central exchange in Forex, brokers can create and quote prices regardless of other players. That’s why retail traders can find different prices on different platforms. Lack of strict regulations has also created opportunities for shady brokers to engage in fraudulent activities.

A significant part of their income is from the spreads, the difference between the ask/bid prices. Thus, if they decide that they don’t earn enough money from spreads, they try to raise their cuts by manipulating prices.

Brokers quote prices based on what the liquidity provider determines. Although they have to set competitive prices, they can set any price they want.They receive quotes from the banks they’re listed with and choose the best price that gives them the best spread.

Does you're broker offer fixed spreads? Maybe it's
a sign to quit trading with them.

One telling sign that the broker may be manipulating prices is that they offer fixed spreads. Most brokers offer flexible spreads based on each pair. So, those offering fixed spreads have to give their own prices to stay on the profit path.

This form of price manipulation is difficult to prove. If you ask the broker why the price is different from other brokers, they’ll justify it by telling you that they work with different liquidity providers. Plus, brokers use sophisticated software to compare all the banks’ prices (liquidity providers) and generate the best price. So, they may attribute these price changes to the software.

Forex is a highly volatile market, with lots of price fluctuations even during one day. So, traders are used to seeing high and low spikes, and many of them make money by trading these spikes.Dishonest brokers take advantage of this feature by creating false spikes and luring traders into placing orders. Just after placing the order, you’ll see the price goes in the other direction, causing you to lose big.

How did we find about the manipulation in the financial markets?

Everything was good until one day..

We have observed sudden hitting of target points of our trades and we’re losing them all the time.

After good research and investigation, we got to know that the broker has been manipulating the prices to make more money.

To avoid all these shady practices you need to completely hide your TP & SL. At that time it seemed a bit difficult for us. After that, we have come up with an idea and developed an EA that’s capable of hiding your trade details completely from your broker and executes the trades when the real price has reached and we would like to call this system, Scrutiny Disabler


Introducing The brand new Scrutiny disabler. Never again bother about your broker's
shady practices

Having a good knowledge is great but without a proper risk management system it makes you lose everything. Hide your trade details completely from your broker and save yourself from those manipulative practices

Breathtaking Features

Anti - False Spikes

Dishonest brokers take advantage by creating false spikes and luring traders into placing orders. This EA can detect false spikes and take action accordingly.

Anti - Slippage

brokers can manipulate prices and pin it down to slippage. So, you place your order at a specific price, but they make you pay a higher price by simply saying high volatility made the price go up.

Anti - Stop Hunting

Another way in which fraudulent brokers tamper with prices is stop-hunting. traders set stop-loss orders as a risk-management strategy to minimize their losses. But setting SL is affecting in a negative way.

Anti - Spoofing

Spoofing is an unethical and illegal form of market manipulation by brokers, market makers, or other major market participants. It involves creating false interest in a currency pair by placing bogus orders on them without the real intention of trading that currency.

Anti - Front Running

Front running is another illegal market manipulation strategy in which brokers exploit what they know about their clients’ actions. When a client plans to place an order, the broker sets their own order before that trader and takes advantage of the price changes..


an email message will be sent when a new channel is found.


a sound alert will be issued when a new channel is found.


a native MetaTrader visual alert will be issued when a new channel is found.

Stoploss in points

Set required stoploss in the EA's inputs tab

Takeprofit in points

Set required Takeprofit in the EA's inputs tab

Slippage in points

Set required slippage in the EA's inputs tab

Works with MT4. All Pairs and timeframes

Exclusive VIP Access To scrutiny disabler EA

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